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WordPress Website Design & Maintenance

WordPress has become the go-to content management system (CMS) worldwide.


 It has a simple, straightforward interface that allows non-geeks to update and freshen content on their websites without needing to turn to a developer. For most users, there is absolutely no need to ever deal with HTML, CSS or other scary code!

Over Easy is able to help your business get up and running on WordPress simply, efficiently and affordably. We can customize templates and themes you may have purchased or help you find just the right look for your organization. We also offer ongoing support in the areas of site backups, security and updates.  

And even though WordPress is “easy,” that doesn’t mean that you can ignore your site or let an amateur try to manage the frequent upgrades and plugin updates that may be necessary.  We are happy to manage this part of your operation for a small fee — so that you can concentrate on running your business! 

Bottom line? Whether you have a current WP site that needs to be updated or managed, or you’d like to start from scratch, let us know. We’re here to help.  

Contact us now for more information or a quote.