When to start Optimizing Your Website? Before you do ANYTHING!
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When To Start Optimizing Your Website?


when to start seo imageThe answer is simple;  before you do almost anything else!  We frequently work on websites that are new — but we only arrive after a lot of work has been done which needs to then to undone.  This clearly isn’t efficient and it can make ranking your site on Google much harder.


For instance, one site might have a gallery installed with lots of image of your products or your facility.  OK. That’s great.  BUT, are those images optimized for size?  Were they given titles that are semantic?  And do they have alt tags which accurately describe them?  All of this can be fixed later, but it doesn’t need to be.


The same problem can exist for page titles and URLs.  Keeping them simple, short and descriptive can mean that Google can more accurately index your site AND possibly rank it higher. Believe me, these aren’t difficult things to do, but many web designers who aren’t versed in SEO simply ignore them.

From our standpoint, you are much better off bringing your SEO company on-board early in any website launch or relaunch scenario.  It doesn’t cost your any more money, but it can really get you on track to landing higher in Google searches.  Please contact us to discuss this further!