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Small Business Isn’t Small To You!

Small Business Isn’t Small To You!

small business icon over easy digital hudsonWe work a lot with medium and small business owners.  To them, there is NOTHING small about what they do.  Many of them support not only themselves and their families, but also a number of employees.  And obviously, their business relies on vendors and other suppliers, so they don’t think “small business” is small, either!

I bring this up in regards to website maintanence and search engine optimization.  For small businesses, it can indeed be a struggle to “rank” high against multinational corporations that offer services similar to yours.  Even large regional chains will likely place higher on Google than you do.  But here’s the thing;  even if you can’t rank high, your website still serves a very important purpose.  Let’s look at that…

  • For retailers, your website becomes an online catalogue of your offerings.
  • Your site obviously will include your open/closing times which is vital to customers.
  • Restaurants will want to list their menus.  Again, a vital reason people will visit your site.
  • If you’re a service-based business, you can go into detail about how you operate.
  • Videos can be used to further enhance your explanations.
  • Your website can detail your company’s involvement in your community and charities.
  • Contact information is  as is your address. Sometimes referred to as NAP;  you name, address and phone info should be consistent across the web.

And that’s just a quick list.

My point is this.  You might not need a massive website with tons of categories and information, but you need one nonetheless — and it needs to be modern, clean, clear, secure and fast.

And, of course, we’d be happy to help you reach that goal.


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