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What Does SEO and WordPress Cost?

SEO costs can vary, but we realize it’s one of the first questions most people will ask.  Fair enough!  We know everyone has a budget they have to keep a close watch on.  While many SEO firms offer various “packages,” we like to custom quote each project.  Why?  Because your website isn’t the same as any other on the web.

Many e-commerce and larger corporate sites have hundreds of pages and products, which are constantly changing and need to be updated, tracked and adjusted — while some local websites have just a few.  And that affects the price, because clearly it’ll take more time to work on the larger sites.

Think about your SEO marketing costs this way:   Compare what the ROI is on just a few more customers coming your way each month if your page rank is higher than your competitors. Some data shows that less than 6% of users ever click through to the second page of Google results, so getting on page #1 is crucially important.

Here are some basic pricing parameters:


This is the first step in reviewing and improving your site. Prices can range from under $250, up to $750 and occasionally more. This allows us to thoroughly review your current site and spot problems that may need to be addressed right away. It gives us, and you, a baseline for further improvement.


These are the ongoing SEO consulting and reporting where we continually update your site and track and report on those efforts. The costs here can range from under $150, to around $1000 a month.

By the way... Over Easy SEO does not demand a contract of any sort. You can cancel your service at any time....