Google Chrome "NOT SECURE" Rolls Out | Pittsburgh OVER EASY SEO
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Google Chrome “Not Secure” Rolls Out

After a long time waiting and lots of warnings, Google’s Chrome browser (v68) is now showing a warning to visitors when they encounter a site that is not secure.  It looks like this:

chrome security warning

With apologies to Donut Land in Brunswick, Ohio (delicious, by the way…) this is what web visitors will now see on ANY website that is not secured with SSL.  For the time being, a warning is all it is.  But considering the degree to which people are concerned about internet security, we can imagine this will begin to impact people’s online habits, particularly if you do any form of ecommerce on your site.  For those sites, we expect to see people just abandoning the site and quickly moving on. And I don’t blame them.

From an SEO perspective, https is now a ranking factor.  Just how important it is is up for debate, but it clearly is one of many tasks you should attend to if you want your website to rank above your competitors.

And the crazy part is that it has never been easier to secure your site.  Many hosts, knowing that this day was coming, now include SSL certificates as part of their normal hosting packages.  The broadly supported “Let’s Encrypt” consortium has to be commended for making this happen.

So, bottom line?  Your time is up.  Get secure or get ready to lose business!