Does Your Small Pittsburgh Business Really Need SEO? | Over Easy SEO
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Does Your Small Pittsburgh Business Really Need SEO? Probably…

seo company in pittsburghSo, you run a small business in the Pittsburgh region.  You have a website, but you’re not sure that the web person who set it up knows anything about SEO.  Maybe it was a friend of relative — and that’s cool.  At least you’ve taken the first step on the internet.  But if you want to make sure that your site is going all it can to bring you business, it really does make sense to have an SEO expert or consultant take a look.  Many web developers that I know will readily admit that SEO is not their “strong suit.”

Let’s think about it this way;  small businesses are often fighting for their lives in a crowded marketplace.  Maybe your area of expertise already has lots of competitors.  So even if you can get just a FEW MORE people to find your website organically on Google, that can have a large impact on your business.  Not only might you get more business, but, as you know, those clients can become repeat buyers AND they can lead their circle of friends, co-workers and relatives to your business as well. AND, if they’re pleased, they’ll write good reviews.  Basically it’s all good!

But you probably are not going to get there if some basic SEO rules haven’t been applied to your site.

We see this ALL THE TIME.  I recently looked at a site and the title tag on the home page was, wait for it….


That was it. This is such a huge, wasted opportunity, but whoever built the site simply didn’t understand that, and I doubt that the business owner did either.  If you’re not familiar with this problem, you are certainly not alone.  There is much that goes on “under the hood” or your local website.  So, what SHOULD the title tag have said?

Well, without giving away the name of the actual business, let’s pretend that it was Larry’s Mowers.  I might have suggest that instead of simply HOME, that Larry’s title be:

Pittsburgh Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Outdoor Power Equipment | Larry’s Mowers

See the difference?  This new title gives Google something to understand and act upon when it is ranking local pages in Pittsburgh related to mowers.  “Home” does nothing of the sort.

So, to circle back.  Imagine that’s your business.  It’s spring 2018. The season is a little late in coming due to an extended cold snap.  But last year you bought a bunch of mowers — and they’re sitting in your inventory.  You HAVE to move them! It’s pretty much now or never for this summer season.  The simple addition of that improved title tag may have even brought a FEW MORE people to your site and you may have been able to sell a FEW MORE mowers and tractors and accessories.  And you may have been able to save your season.

You can now see how investing in a professional SEO service can help.  Like I said.  It doesn’t need to cost a lot — and the payoff can be huge.