You had me at...great content." - Pittsburgh SEO Company | OVER EASY SEO
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You had me at…great content.”

new google logoWeird thing about Google and SEO;  the two have been in a sort of battle over the years.  As soon as SEO companies figured out what “Google wanted,” they’d create a way to give them that, often by totally gaming the system.  For instance, link farms and massive “guest posting” schemes sprung up — only to be ultimately shot down by Google.

The funny thing is that what Google wanted all along, and what you should be doing with your website hasn’t really changed in years.  In fact, it has an analog in your store or business;  just make it great — and the customers will follow.

But like a good business, it takes time.  Time to build a customer base, expand your business, tweak your product offerings, re-evaluate your location, add or adjust your employee mix.  You didn’t just go into business and become an overnight success (well, most of us didn’t!) so you need to consider that when trying to succeed on the Internet.

But content will out.  If you create a solid site that actually helps your customers and answers their questions, you are halfway home!