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The Social Media Beast

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Social Media hasn’t been around very long, but its impact on marketing and advertising has been enormous.  It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime disruptive force that now can’t be ignored, no matter what field you’re in.  That said, it can be a real time-eater when you’re busy running a business on a day to day basis.  By its very nature, social media absolutely devours content.  It is ravenous.  So, you can’t simply set up a Twitter feed or a Facebook page and let it sit there;  it gets hungry!


There are two ways in which OVER EASY SEO can help organize and energize your social media campaigns.


The first is our free (upgrades are fee-based) social media app, that will help you find, track and schedule
posts relevant to your business or organization.  It can be a real time-saver and a great aid to your in-house marketing department.


The second is to just let us do the work!  Either way, we’re glad to help you hone your online messaging, so that you generate a consistent “voice” in the online marketplace.

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